An engaged community of moms interested in healthy, natural and sustainable living is waiting to meet your business – and we’d love to connect you.

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Healthy Moms is a Toronto-based marketing company that connects local and online businesses offering health-focused, natural, or sustainable products and services with their ideal customers.

Marketing to Moms is more than just targeted ads. It is important to create messaging that resonates with moms but you can’t do that until you truly understand their wants and needs as well as what they struggle with.

We are experts at Marketing to Moms and we know exactly what Healthy Moms are looking for!

Our Story

In 2012, Toronto-based nutritionist (and mom of two) Aviva Allen, created the Healthy Moms Facebook group for moms and and moms-to-be interested in healthy and natural options for their growing families.

The group has grown steadily since then and is now an engaged community of over 20,000. Along the way, it became clear that members wanted to be connected with businesses that aligned with their values and lifestyle – and so, in late 2015, Aviva introduced the Healthy Moms Discount Card.

With thousands of card holders and hundreds of member businesses, the Healthy Moms Discount Card inspires moms to make healthy and more sustainable choices for their families AND helps health-focused and eco-friendly businesses grow and thrive.

Aviva is a marketing to moms expert! Tap into her knowledge and expertise and find out how your business can reach and resonate with more Healthy Moms.

Reach & impact

Healthy Moms is proud to have built a strong and engaged audience that includes:

  • 8000+ Instagram followers
  • 4500+ Facebook followers (public page)
  • 20,000+ Facebook group members (private group)
  • 5000+ email subscribers
  • 3000+ card holders (and growing every day!)

Who can join

We currently welcome applications from:

  • Retail stores with a health, wellness, sustainable-living, parenting and/or eco-focus
  • Health food stores and natural/organic-focused supermarkets
  • Healthy restaurants, cafes, bakeries, juice bars, catering and meal/produce delivery services
  • Providers of health and wellness services (including chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy, massage therapy, fitness, physiotherapy and more)
  • Brands offering natural/organic foods and nutritional supplements and sell direct to consumers
  • Natural/organic body and skin care products and spa/salon services
  • Ethically manufactured clothing made of sustainable fabrics
  • Sustainable household items such as organic mattresses/pillows/linens, reusable containers and appliances that promote healthy eating
  • Resale clothing shops/gear rental and other businesses that help keep items out of landfills

Can’t find YOUR business on this list? If you think your business is a good fit for Healthy Moms, fill out our brief application form here and we’ll let you know if we agree! We currently do not accept any multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses, or businesses that are not in-line with the focus and values of Healthy Moms.

  1. Complete a brief application so we can determine if your business is a good fit for Healthy Moms and wait for approval. Once approved, sign up for an annual membership plan.
  2. Create an incentive that will attract our cardholders (we are happy to help you with this and share industry comparables) and provide us with details about your business so we can create a listing that includes your logo, images and videos, links to your social profiles, your website URL and a map of your location (if applicable).
  3. We’ll add your listing to our website and mobile app and introduce you to our community of healthy moms via social media and email marketing.
  4. Our moms begin to show up, sign up, and buy from your business. You provide an incredible product and/or experience that they can’t help but come back again and again and send their healthy mom-friends your way.

Become a Healthy Moms Participating Business

How it Works:


Customized promotional packages – including event sponsorship, social media posts, giveaways, Facebook live videos, newsletter features, exclusive e-blasts, sponsored blogs and more – are also available.

Contact us for more information or to discuss possibilities for your business.

Membership Plans and Pricing

Download our Plans and Pricing as a PDF

All plans are billed annually and subject to a one-time set-up fee of $45, which includes an announcement of your joining on our Instagram + Facebook public pages, our Facebook community group and our monthly email update to members and cardholders. Pricing for new members starts at $199/year.

Membership Benefits

  • Your business added to our curated web listing and mobile app
  • Promotion of your business to our large community of Healthy Moms via social media and email marketing
  • An announcement via our monthly email to subscribers plus posts on Instagram and Facebook pages and in our large Facebook community group when you first join
  • Healthy Moms signage and marketing materials including tent card, window decal and a digital badge to promote your affiliation
  • Membership in our Facebook group exclusively for participating businesses with Healthy Moms
  • A ‘stamp of approval’ from nutritionist and Healthy Moms founder, Aviva Allen

Healthy Moms is proud to partner with hundreds of incredible businesses – including the brands below – and we’d love to have you join us! Click here to browse the full list of participating businesses.


Join us!

Have questions about becoming a member business? Let’s answer them. If you’re wondering about anything we haven’t answered below, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What are your guidelines around the discount/incentive a business offers? Is a discount mandatory to be listed?

A: While some type of promotional offer is mandatory, a discount on products/services tends to be the best incentive for our cardholders. We recommend an ongoing (as opposed to one-time only) discount, whenever possible, and a minimum of 10-15% off.

The greater the incentive, the more effective it will be in sending Healthy Moms your way, however, we understand that the discount you offer also needs to make financial sense for your business. We will happily share industry comparables with you, and help you come up with a strategic offer you – and our cardholders – can feel good about.

Q: Why do I have to pay on top of the discount I provide? Isn’t that payment enough for joining?

A: Think of it this way. The discount you offer is the consumer’s incentive to try you out and continue to buy from you, whereas your membership fee provides the connection to thousands of your ideal customers. Promoting our partners, getting discount cards into the right hands, and engaging with our active community of moms takes time, resources and expertise, which is what your membership fee pays for.

Q: What is the $45 set-up fee for? Do I have to pay it every year?

A: There is a fair bit of work that goes into getting each business set-up on our website and mobile app. It also includes a share in our active Facebook group with over 19,000 members and an announcement in our monthly email newsletter. You will only pay this once when you first join.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: When you sign up, you are committing to one year of promotion through Healthy Moms. While you can choose not to renew once that year is up, we do not offer refunds of any kind.

Q: Can I change my plan partway through the year?

A: Yes – if you decide you’d rather reap the benefits of a higher membership level, you can upgrade mid-year by contacting us. Unfortunately, downgrading of your membership is not an option until your membership is up for renewal.

Q: Can I change my promotion or discount?

A: While we don’t recommend frequent changes, you may adjust your promotion so long as it’s not within six months of joining and we still feel it’s beneficial to our cardholders. Other information – such as address, promo code, and image changes– can be adjusted as necessary throughout the year.

Q: What areas do you currently serve?

A: We currently provide listings for brick and mortar businesses in Toronto & surrounding areas, Vancouver & surrounding areas and the greater Los Angeles area.

If our members can order your products online or you offer virtual services, your business may also be eligible to be listed with Healthy Moms. Currently available for Canadian businesses and US based online businesses.

Q: My business is online – or outside of the areas listed above. Can I still sign up?

A: If your business is online and based in Canada or the US, absolutely. If you are a retail location or offer a service in a specific location that’s not listed above, send us an email and we’ll let you know if we think it makes sense to join, or put you on our list so you’re the first to know if/when we expand into your area.

Q: I’m part of a multi-level-marketing company (MLM). Can I join Healthy Moms?

A: At this time, we are not accepting applications from any MLM businesses. This is for a variety of reasons, but ultimately, the concept simply does not work with our business listing model. Therefore, we ask that MLMs not apply for membership at this time.

Q: Do you offer additional promotional opportunities over and above what’s included in your membership packages?

A: Yes! If you’re looking to make a greater impression on moms interested in healthy living and natural/sustainable options for their families, Healthy Moms can help through:

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us for more information or to discuss opportunities for your business to reach more Healthy Moms.

  • Event sponsorship
  • Instagram & Facebook posts
  • Giveaways
  • Facebook live videos
  • Newsletter features
  • Exclusive e-blasts
  • Featured website listings
  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Direct offers via our mobile app

For less than the cost of engaging an influencer, a trade show booth, or a print ad – that may or may not reach your specific target audience – you can have direct access to thousands of healthy moms who are actively looking for businesses like yours.

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